Saturday, June 20, 2009

Five Years Wedding Anniversary

It is our Five Years Wedding Anniversary and celebrated it with our kids, some food, cake and friends. We expected going on a cruise but we just cannot afford it this year, but what matter most is that we spent more years forever happy and let trials keep us strong.

My brother also and his family visited us and Congratulations

to them as his wife is pregnant again for the second one.

Been busy as my husband's nephews and cousin also stayed here for a couple of days, we went bowling and lazer tag that was so much fun, I was like a little kid enjoying myself.


Edna said...

Hi Rochelle! I'm glad you're back! Happy 5 year anniversary! Can't wait til you update us with more blog posts!

梅子 said...

the cake looks soooo oishiii!!!! hehehe love it.
i hope you can do something for anniversary hope it goes well! omedetou gozaimasu!