Sunday, September 13, 2009

My 26th Birthday Dinner

My birthday is not until the 15th of September but I decided to celebrate it on Sunday the 13th of September, I just had a birthday dinner at Josephina's Seaside Dampa. It was a rainy day but I prayed hard that it would stop at night, so I am thankful to God for the wonderful blessings with loved ones to celebrate with me. I'm very thankful for those who came, I didn't get a chance to take pictures with everyone, I had like a hundred of guests, more than what I expected it to be so I really appreciate it, including family and friends that I truly missed, I am happy to see you all again. I asked everyone to wear my favorite color pink, and I wore a purple dress from forever21

The Birthday Girl.♥
With my wonderful husband and kids. ♥
My cousins ♥

With the pretty ladies ♥

With my relatives ♥

My Tita, Nanay and cousin Roscoe ♥

With my TGIF Friends ♥

I really want to go out with my TGIF Friends but I am really sorry hope we can do it next time, I love and miss you all.
Hope everyone had fun!

It was also Aaron's 7th Birthday today.Happy Birthday Aaron and Congratulations to Kuya Putoy and Michie as they also had there baby girl today.
Thank you all for coming to my Birthday Dinner! I love you all!

Also Happy Birthday to all my fellow Virgos!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SM Manila Hauls

We went to SM Manila today and I was just supposed to buy a matching curtains for our room because we needed one more to cover the window but they did not have any stocks in SM Manila so when we have time we have to go back at SM Centerpoint, but as usual I will not go to the mall just buying what is needed, I purchased some home goods at the department store.

Then at Petit Monde, I was just looking for some leggings but cannot find the leggings that I want but ended buying some tops to match the leggings.

Do you know any place where I can find nice basic leggings in Manila? I don't like what I bought yesterday in greenhills, I like them stretchy and has better coverage since I have heavy bottoms.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shopping at Greenhills,Robinson's and Ever

Its been raining in Manila everyday so it's really hard to go anywhere, but hence the traffic and pollution I really love and enjoy Philippines and now that we finally found a nanny for my 2nd child Ethan which is somewhat hard to take care because he is very active and cries a lot indeed what you can called terrible two but he is a sweet daddy's boy, but I can say I feel more relaxed and less stressed with the help of spas and beauty parlors everywhere. We went to Wensha in Macapagal in the middle of the night without knowing, I just watched it in xxx that a mother just died there last August 30th in the jacuzziwhere her feet I think got stuck, because there was a hole that the spa regret to fixed and she drowned, I love Wensha 24 hours spa with free buffet meal, shabu shabu and unlimited drinks but now I'm scared to even go there I believe in souls that cannot rest. ooohhh... but May she rest peace and find justice for her death, I'm including her in my prayers.

They had their haircut at SM Manila last August 30 when they had their 3 days SALE, my son Elijah had his first haircut and Ethan had his mohawk again that people would all point at him, which they find cute then we went to YMCA next to SM Manila and watched our husbands and their friends play basketball
and I tried to play badminton but do not know how that makes me just look stupid but I really want to learn, every Sunday night they will go there so maybe with a lot of practice soon I can be a pro.

Today we had a breakfast at Tropical Hut in University Belt, I had agarlic rice, egg and daing na bangus then we went to the hospital to visit my husband's father then we went to Greenhills, we came there at 9am and did not know that they opened at 10am so we waited at Mcdonalds and had a Twister Fries, Coke Float and I had Double Chocolate at McCafe which I do not like that much and I love sweets but that taste was not my liking, I still prefer starbucks frappucino.
I did a little bit of hauls mostly pajamas since I do not have an anything to wear around just the house.

Then we went to Robinson's Malate and I bought some more pajamas in the Robinson's Department Store.

I also bought an Hello Kitty umbrella from EVER RECTO.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nanay's 71st Birthday!

We went to San Juan to celebrate my Grandmother's Birthday today.

I bought her yummy cake at Goldilocks!