Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SM Manila Hauls

We went to SM Manila today and I was just supposed to buy a matching curtains for our room because we needed one more to cover the window but they did not have any stocks in SM Manila so when we have time we have to go back at SM Centerpoint, but as usual I will not go to the mall just buying what is needed, I purchased some home goods at the department store.

Then at Petit Monde, I was just looking for some leggings but cannot find the leggings that I want but ended buying some tops to match the leggings.

Do you know any place where I can find nice basic leggings in Manila? I don't like what I bought yesterday in greenhills, I like them stretchy and has better coverage since I have heavy bottoms.


kimberley said...

those tops are super cute!! xx

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

those tops are suuuuper cute!!

i wish i can help you :/