Saturday, March 27, 2010


As a TFC Subscriber my kids and I were lucky to be chosen as a TFC KAPAMILYA BALIKBAYAN STAR wherein we became a part of the Goin' Bulilit. It was fun meeting the cute casts of Goin' Bulilit and chance to take pictures with them and being watched on TV all over the world is something I can really be proud of, I was interviewed about our experience being on the show.

I hope I would have time to continue the life of showbiz as we were asked to auditioned to be regular kapamilya star ♥ which makes me so proud and happy but as my priority right now study comes first.

It was cool that they love my kids especially Ethan who looks like baby James, the son of Kris Aquino, even thought that it was him or that they were related.

A friend recorded the video on TV. ♥ which it was being air as a commercial all over the world!

Friday, March 12, 2010


I was an audience on Wowowee it's a noon time game show here in the Philippines because my Mom who came back in the Philippines last February 25th had these bigatin card where you are a TFC subscriber and you can book online so you can be scheduled to watch it live, I was so excited at first and a lot of people asked to me to greet their names but while I was there I got so shy knowing that there is a lot of people watching around the world, you need to dance and really be a part of the show, I had so much fun and I was given a chance to greet them, because Willie the host of the show came to me and even gave me a kiss twice with a compliment that I smell good, Thanks to Victoria's Secret Chocolate Covered Berries Body Mist and asked me if I want to greet some people but I got so nervous, you can really tell by my voice that I did not know what I was saying that I had forgotten the names I was to say and all I said was "There's a lot of people who ask me to greet so Hi Hello to everyone!" after that I felt regrets not saying even my kid's name (Nikolas, Ethan and Elijah) but oh well we will back to watch it again live, hope I will be given a chance to greet some names or better yet be one the bigatins to play the hep hep hooray!
March 12, 2010, Friday taken at the ABS-CBN Studio:

On APRIL 12, 2010- Monday we will be on SHOWTIME LIVE! ♥

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ethan Ryu's 3rd Birthday Party

Ethan celebrated his 3rd Birthday Party at Jollibee SM MANILA
with the YUMMY CAKE
The Birthday Boy
Fun filled prizes, pinata, pabitin and games
with Kuya Niko
with Jollibee and Yum

A dance number from his favorite
The Beautiful Family
with Friends
Face Painting
Thank you all for coming and sharing Ethan's Special Day

Wonderful Gifts