Friday, March 12, 2010


I was an audience on Wowowee it's a noon time game show here in the Philippines because my Mom who came back in the Philippines last February 25th had these bigatin card where you are a TFC subscriber and you can book online so you can be scheduled to watch it live, I was so excited at first and a lot of people asked to me to greet their names but while I was there I got so shy knowing that there is a lot of people watching around the world, you need to dance and really be a part of the show, I had so much fun and I was given a chance to greet them, because Willie the host of the show came to me and even gave me a kiss twice with a compliment that I smell good, Thanks to Victoria's Secret Chocolate Covered Berries Body Mist and asked me if I want to greet some people but I got so nervous, you can really tell by my voice that I did not know what I was saying that I had forgotten the names I was to say and all I said was "There's a lot of people who ask me to greet so Hi Hello to everyone!" after that I felt regrets not saying even my kid's name (Nikolas, Ethan and Elijah) but oh well we will back to watch it again live, hope I will be given a chance to greet some names or better yet be one the bigatins to play the hep hep hooray!
March 12, 2010, Friday taken at the ABS-CBN Studio:

On APRIL 12, 2010- Monday we will be on SHOWTIME LIVE! ♥


Edna said...

welcome back! missed U!

Khymm said...

welcome back! wow pumunta ka sa wowowee?! =) love the outfit and you look really pretty!

Erica said...

Aw girl, you look simply fabulous!

I'm glad you are back blogging, I check everyday to see if you blog....Please do more, lol

Have you been shopping any? please let us know! :)