Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 ♥

Wishing 2013 a Prosperous, Peace, Lots of Love, Hugs and Kisses ♥
Best of Luck for everyone, may it be another Good or Better Year or the Best Year for all of us ♥

Happy New Year 2013 ♥

Color ORANGE Family ♥ 
Mommy Maura, Euryd, Nikolas, Ethan, Elijah and Yours Truly Rochelle ♥ 
 Color WHITE Family ♥ 
Michelle, Czarina, Czyrene, Mommy Maura, CJ, Czardy ♥ 
 Color PINK Family ♥ 
Clarence, Gari, Bernice, Mommy Maura, Margaux, Revvy ♥ 
 Color BLUE Family ♥ 
Melinda, Aaron, Mommy Maura, Ashby, Queenie, Danielle ♥ 
Color RED Family ♥ 
Alou, Mommy Maura, Xedric, Charisse, Pauline, Trisha, Ghie, Marc ♥

 COLOR CODING for FIVE years ♥
2009-2012 ♥
A Fun way to celebrate New Year's Day. ♥
Looking forward for more Colorful Years to come ♥

 Celebrating New Year's 2013 ♥

With Nanay (My Grandmother) ♥

NEXT POST: ♥ 2013 Orange Color Themed Outfit of the Night♥ 

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