Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Herbal Medicine ♥

I had been busy with school as it is our preliminary examination week and been sick for four days, I had the flu and fever leaving with a bad cough until now, just a perfect timing on our RLE on making the Ginger Powder, I was assigned the leader for this activity and I admit I was not born to be a good leader but yet we still got 95% grade.

Ginger powder is an effective cure for congestion, cough and cold and sore throat.

1 KILO of Ginger
1 Kilo of Sugar

a piece of cheese cloth

Frying Pan
Sterile Bottle Container

  1. Wash the ginger
  2. soak the ginger overnight.
3. Peel the ginger or scrape the white covering
4. Grate.

5. Squeeze the grated ingredient with the use of cloth.
6. For one glass of extracted ginger juice add 1 glass of sugar.
7. Mix the Ingredients. Let it boil with occasional stirring.

8. When the mixture had boiled set as low fire. Then the mixture needs continuous stirring.
9. Remove the mixture from the stove, continue stirring until the mixture turn into powder.
10. Let it cool. Place in a sterile bottle.

Hope I will get better soon! as we will be going to Singapore next week. Yay!
I am so excited.

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