Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Elijah Joaquinn's 4th Birthday ♥

We ordered the Cake from CAKES R'US SM Manila and I was really disappointed.
First, the Cake is PINK. I instructed to make it RED and even lied to me that after an hour it will turned Red. Hello?, it never did. My son is a BOY! My favorite color is PINK but not HIM. 
Toothpick showing is just doesn't look nice, the design I instructed them was also wrong. 
This cake costs P3,600. I really think is too expensive and so not worth to spend that much with a design that did not put an effort to satisfy the customer's request.
♥ But I am still happy that my son loves his cake, because he only asked for an Iron Man cake with a monkey on it and I just added his favorite stuff toy "Lotso" which he calls "Baby", but I wish I ordered from a better cake artist. ♥ 

He loves Iron Man ♥ 
Lotso of  Toy Story ♥ 
Elijah's comfort stuff toy and he calls it baby so I decided to have it put on his cake. 
He loves Monkey. He instructed that he wants monkey on his cake. ♥
Birthday Boy

I LOVE YOU Elijah! ♥ 
I made a hotdog on a stick with marshmallow as a centerpiece ♥ 

My husband, Euryd cooked Spaghetti, Mechado, Kare Kare and Fried Chicken. 
Mango Cake from Red Ribbon

♥ Elijah with his favorite stuff toys Lotso "Baby" and his monkey ♥
♥ Happy Birthday Elijah Joaquinn ♥ 

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