Monday, May 24, 2010

I passed! Yay yay ♥

I am so happy that I passed Anatomy, believe it or not most of my classmates had to retake it twice to four times but with only first taken, I passed! with all my hardwork that has been rewarded Thank God, I feel so blessed that my husband bought me a MSI U130 as a reward or just because he loves me so much.

Thank you so much Euryd. mwah mwah... I LOVE IT and I LOVE YOU



  • Intel Atom N450 Pine Trail 1.66GHZ1GB

  • DDR2 Memory Embedded

  • 250GB Mobile HDD SATA

  • Windows XP HOME

  • 10" WSVGA Slim Led Display

  • 1.3MP Webcam/ 802.11b/g/n wifi/

  • 3 cell battery

It was purchased for P16,250 about $344

Call them mini notebooks, ultra-portables or just cheaper and smaller versions of laptops - the netbook has arrived. I have to just get used to using a small laptop well compared to my HP G70 that is 17" atleast these netbook I can take it anywhere I want to, because its small and lightweight but I still love my HP G70.

Took pictures before I devour on what I have eaten today with the surgery still in PAIN!

BREAKFAST from Goldilocks

SNACKS ♥ Yum! My husband made this homemade Graham Cake made of graham crackers, peach, condensed milk, and all purpose cream.

LUNCH ♥ Jollibee Spaghetti.

Cute Jaja with his pose

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