Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Class is OVER! ♥

Yay! Finally summer class is over I took the subjects Anatomy and Physiology which I will never forget the feeling of being nervous just to identify the parts of our moving exams of skeletal, muscular, respiratory, reproductive, brain and heart. and English 2, where it was fun getting grades playing the pictionary and writing letters and making a resume. So I've been very busy since our classes are everyday .
I hope I can graduate sooner and become a Licensed Registered Nurse.

I am so excited to become a nurse because since I was young I have dreamt to become one.
but I also dream to be a Flight Attendant that is why I took up the course tourism at Dominican College lasts 2000-2001 but I did not finished the degree since I got pregnant at a very young age of 18.but I am still blessed that now I can continue my studies even I already have a three kids, Thanks to my husband who has supported me to follow my dreams, but it would take me three years to finish since I still need to take a lot of subjects with the new curriculum but it's okay because I really want to stay here in the Philippines but there are times that i also miss America.

It has been hard though because I did not have a nanny. to take care of the kids so the last week of finals there are times when I cannot come to school or had to be late or leave early because I needed to take care of my kids. It has been a stressful week for me and last
Thursday, May 20, 2010 because I had a toothache for a week it grows in between the teeth located adjacent to it and affects the gum tissues. I went to the dentist and had a surgery done extracting my wisdom tooth. It is very painful and the dentist had a hard time extracting my tooth since its big, using a special drill to extract. In order to extract the tooth, the dentist cut through the gum tissue over the tooth and pull out any bone that was covering it. Dentist stitch up the area and after 10 Days is the removal of stitches.
My face is so swollen and its very painful, the dentist prescribed me cephalexin (antibiotic) and ponstan (mefenamic acid for pain). It was our final exam and what a painful experience I had.
We had expects dining at Shakey's Pizza after the exam and take pictures but unfortunately because of what happened to me we just went home.
To all the classmates I had this summer class I WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH and it has been fun even it has been stressful because of the weather and traffic due to the construction. in Espana.

Hay! I am so hungry right now but since its very painful I cannot eat and I am on a diet anyway so sacrifice!

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