Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping in Divisoria ♥

We are going to Boracay on June 3rd so its time to go SHOPPING

First word which comes to mind when you hear of Divisoria is BARGAIN!“Divi” as locals call it, has long been the Philippines. En route, you can easily get lost in all the buzz of tiangges (Filipino term for bargain stalls)
You can find a lot of bargains stuffs from Bangkok and China.
and merchant goods lined up in its alley ways
You can find almost everything, from clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, to food, vegetables, decorations for your house and even kitchen utensils.
Almost everything mentioned above can be found and bought here, along with office and school supplies, stationery, gardening tools, toys, etc. the list goes on. It also has a wet market in the basement if you would like to buy well priced fresh goods to the shopping list.
So I really love shopping in Divisoria.
This would also be a good place to go if you are looking to have a wedding or birthday, invitations banners and souvenirs can be sourced here and made here. Divisoria Market sure is a worthy place to canvass prices if you have a limited budget.

Here are some stuffs I bought from "Divi"
(Tutuban Centermall and 168 )

The streets and alley ways are filled with commuter jeeps, private cars, oh and don't forget the abundance of human traffic. But on our way home we ride the Sidecar (is a one-wheeled device attached to the side of a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle) producing a three-wheeled vehicle.

Tips for shopping at Divisoria Mall. Things to keep in mind when shopping at either Divi or 168 Mall.
  • Buy in bulk if you can, Divisoria offers a wide range of wholesale priced items.
  • Learn the art of haggling, your money sure can go a long way.
  • Arm yourself with cash, as credit cards are useless here.
  • Dress simply and comfortably, it would also be very wise to use a small body/belt bag where you can stash your hard earned cash to keep it away from keen pickpockets.
I want a MALTESE

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