Saturday, July 3, 2010

Charisse's Hollywood 18th Birthday Party ♥

Who wouldn’t love to go to a Hollywood theme party? The money, the fame, and the glitz and glam, a good time for all of your guests.

A Hollywood theme 18th Birthday Party that made everyone feel like a star and most especially the debutante, for me everything was so perfect and fabulous it made me want to have my 18th Birthday Party again. Her invitation was a movie ticket shape and the decoration is complete with the red carpet, the elegant and stunning gowns, 18 tulips with the her favorite purple color, 18 treasures and 18 glam girls where all the glamorous girls walk the red carpet.


The dress I wore, it's a dress I bought in Hong Kong last 2008 and this is only time I had the chance to wear it.
The detailed
Faux Pearls and Diamonds.

That matches my acrylic nails.
My son's gift for the debutant
Forever 21 shoes
Victoria's Secret Garden Collections in Passionate Kisses.

Euryd was one of the 18 tulips to dance the beautiful celebrant.
With her 18 Tulips

I was one of the 18 treasures

I gave her a Victoria's Secret All Over Color Kit

To make her even more Gorgeous

Some memories we shared together is playing with makeup, Charisse is good in applying makeup I sometimes even ask her to do my makeup for me.

The Four Gorgeous sisters had a dance number.

I had so much fun at all you can drink bar, I tried every flavor that made me tipsy.

The Souvenir/Giveaway

It was bling bling sunglasses that made the Beautiful Family
even more Glamourous

and Sweet

Our Anniversary Date- My Favorite Number 20

I also took home the picture frame that was displayed on the table to put our fun pictures at the photo booth for souvenirs.

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