Sunday, January 1, 2012

NEW YEAR 2012 ♥

Two thousand TWELVE is finally here! Almost everyone will agree on me that I think 2011 just went by so fast, so many trials and heartache that made me stronger this year.  I do not want to believe that 2012 is the end of the world because this will be just the beginning of creating more happier memories and that 2013 will still come that I will finally be Certified Nurse Rochelle  and yes, unfortunately we are still planning to go back to the States after graduation so this year I will enjoy the most I can in the Philippines, celebrating life and its time that we do good deeds to everyone, not because its the preparation for the end of the world but to make the world a better place and that we should be thankful for all the blessings we received.
2012 BRING IT ON! ♥ I am so ready for you and make this year a better one or the best yet and more to come. ♥
 We spent our New Year's eve and Welcoming 2012 at Fontana in Pampanga, we rented a villa for a night with bedrooms for every family. ♥

Every year we have a tradition of color coding for each family. ♥
This year our color is WHITE ♥
 Traditional Filipino belief states that round fruits served on the dinner table on New Year's eve brings good luck.

We had some fun games for the kids. ♥
 Calamansi Relay, Longest New Year Greetings and many more ♥
 We danced ♥ It was really FUN!
 Raining Money ♥
You should put coins/money in your pocket so that next year will be prosperous.
 The generous people ♥ hehehe...
 Being young at heart. ♥ How I wish they were my daughters. ♥
The noise and the firecrackers is believe to drive the evil spirit away and make the New Year bountiful and blessed. 
Some believe that you have to wear polka dots shirts or dress because it symbolise money, and it must have a deep pocket and filled with money bills and coins and jingled it at the stroke of midnight for good luck.

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EveryDay Makeup blog said...

YOu have a beautiful family. We had paagaw too on New Year's Eve lol.

Happy 2012!