Monday, January 2, 2012

Trip to Baguio 2012 ♥

After our New Year's celebration to Fontana in Pampanga we went straight to 4 hours of long driving to Baguio, a good start of New Year, hope it means I will be travelling a lot this year and how I wish vacation is all year long. ♥
Wearing a POLKA DOT blazer ♥
I ♥ Margaux ♥
I ♥ Bernice ♥
I ♥ Czyrene ♥
We stayed and spend the night in a beautiful rest house in Baguio ♥
We went to BCC (Baguio Country Club) Christmas Village ♥
The Baguio Country Club’s employees put together this so-called Christmas Village as part of their cost-cutting, thus the recycled materials used in almost all the miniature houses, synthetic snowman figures, and Christmas trinkets found in the circular enclosure in front of the BCC’s main building.
As is volunteered at the entrance, recycled materials used in this village were used soda tins and caps, paper cups, empty wine and water bottles, paper (including tarpaulins), lumber and plywood, sawdust, plates, tissue holders, Styrofoam containers and other boxes, oil cans, wires, and even construction debris and fallen pine cones, tree barks, and branches.

♥ They are enjoying the snow inspired ♥
Kids eating yummy fresh cheese popcorn ♥
We went to the Strawberry and Vegetables Farm
Bought kilos and kilos of fresh strawberries and vegetables. ♥
Yummy pure strawberry ice cream ♥
We went on a horseback riding at Wright Park ♥
Love the pink hair ♥
Niko's favorite part of the trip, horseback riding ♥
Ethan and Papa's first horseback riding ♥
Igorots ♥

The Igorot Family ♥
Exotic souvenirs you can find in Baguio ♥
WHAT WE BOUGHT: Choc'o flakes, Strawberry Candy, Sundot kulangot ♥
Baguio Country Club Yummy Raisin Bread. ♥
Lengua de gato ♥

Good Shepard Ube Jam ♥
♥ Yummy Strawberries ♥ We put condensed milk and Nestle Cream, it was really good! ♥
I love the cold weather in Baguio. ♥
but my favorite part was the street foods ♥

Our stay was very short, we only stayed one night and two days but how I wish we could spend more time exploring the mountains of Baguio City, I can recall some childhood memories of mine while we were in Baguio and how I really miss it! The rest house that we had, the fresh grilled corn in the cob, squids, some ghost stories and picking strawberries and vegetables, the walk in the park and many more.
 This picture of me and my brother was taken in Baguio like 24 years ago. ♥ Childhood memories ♥ I LOVE IT! ♥

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