Monday, January 30, 2012

Dezato Mochi is LOVE ♥

I always love eating mochi, makes me miss Japan more and really want to go for a vacation there again, I love the good food, kawaii things, hello kitty overload and beautiful place if only earthquake/tsunami did not happened, I would have been so happy being there and exploring Japan,
When I heard about Dezato Mochi in a Facebook status that it is very addicting and how it is so good, I knew I just really need to try it because I've always like the taste of mochi ice cream and Shingen mochi (Tender mochi (rice cake) topped with kuro-mitsu (dark brown sugar syrup) which is in a tiny bottle and you pour it in the mochi and oh la la it taste so goood! ♥ I always ask someone from Japan to buy Shingen mochi for me aside from Seafood Cup Noodles and Hello Kitty stuffs.
Last night my cravings for trying the tempting dessert Dezato Mochi has been fulfilled and indeed it was yummy and addicting, I could have eaten three boxes in one sitting, if only others are not fond of it too and a lot of people, including my kids, husband, ladies and gentleman of  all ages are begging for more. ♥ 

No wonder why a lot of people are getting crazy over this. 
P395 a box for a dozen of irresistible mochi.
What is mochi?

Mochi is a treat which is entwined with the rich tradition of Japan. Every New Year all of Japan participates in the ancient tradition of Mochi-tsuki (mocha making). After cooking the glutenous rice, they pound it in a mortar paste until it is lump free and silky smooth. Then they are formed into balls and are ready to be eaten.

I tried Mochi filled with Milk Chocolate,  White Chocolate with Walnuts, Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter, Green tea, Dark Chocolate.
My favorite is the Dark Chocolate and second is Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter and third is Green tea ♥ Others are good too but that is top 3 on my list. 

You can choose flavors on your mochi.

I would definitely want to visit their Cafe and try also their dishes, I am sure it's good as there mochi. I would post them soon, I hope on Valentine's Day, my husband would take me to Dezato Cafe to dine and enjoy good food. This is also a good idea to give as a gift on Valentine's Day and that someone, I guarantee you, would be so thankful.
I would definitely recommend everyone to try this Signature Dezato Mochi, but WARNING it can be very ADDICTING! ♥

Name of venue: Dezato Café
Contact person: Maria Gorre
Address: 100 Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City
Phone Number: +632 727-1229, +632 387-9484

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Saturday: 12:00 nn – 12:00 mn
Price Range: PHP 100.00 – PHP 500.00
Cuisine: International, Dessert, Coffee

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