Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Headband Collections ♥

I spent my sickness days watching Gossip Girl and I really admire Blair Waldorf’s fashion, I intend to copy her, hahaha I’m such a copycat well… I really love the headbands and now I’m addicted to collecting big ribbon or bow headband’s too and they have really cute ones at forever21 and claire’s boutique. I’m getting better, my fever went down the medicine and being bed rest helps me a lot
but I still have cough and it’s really nice that I can finally smell again believe it or not since we moved here in Florida I lost my sense of smell and it sucks really so I will buy perfumejust because of the cute bottle but I don’t really know if they smell good or not, but there are days when I'm lucky and I could smell but most of the time I only just get opinion from others who are not disable, I mean someone who can smell but if you have allergy problems ask your doctor about METHYLPREDNISOLONE because I tried so much medicines and been suffering for years but this is the only medicine that cured me. Anyway I want to forget being sick so here are some pictures of Blair’s cute headband galore:

My Headband Collections:

Hopefully I can afford to buy the Acrylic Headband Holder Display at you have to buy 4 so that’s $23.60 plus shipping and handling

but for now here’s how I store it:

If you have any suggestions on where to get cheaper headband holder display or cute headbands please let me know! And I know is cheaper to get this in the Philippines so hope I can ask somebody to buy some for me and I'll pay. Thanks!
"When I love something I cannot stop collecting so I can never get enough! *LOL"


Erica said...

I'm so in love with the LV ones! <3
I tend to find nice headbands in Claires or Icing (Did you know they might go out of business?)Also some other choices are at Target or Macy's
ANyways, I love your collection and hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

you can use like a jug or a tissue box and put the headbands on the rim

Leslie said...

You can make easy holders by using paper towel holders:

or oatmeal boxes:

or just a paper towel roll and fabric:

<>< Leslie