Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Haul

I ordered again at

Lakers Distressed Tank $12.80

Sleeveless Metallic Knit Cardigan $8.99

Marla Sleeveless Cardigan-$5.99

Peep Toe Boot Pump- $24.80

Mixed Charms String Bracelet-$2.80

Tassel Dangle Earrings-$6.80

Jewel Flower Earrings-$6.80

Faceted Flower Ring-$5.80
Large Flower Ring-$4.80

Domed Flower Ring-$5.80


Krystal said...

omg that is such a CUTE lakers top! i LOVEEE the lakers i think i wanna get me one of those too! heheh love the haul btw~!

Saimese said...

everyone's been getting that black cardigan. i really like the rings