Thursday, April 16, 2009

Target Haul and Peanut Butter♥

We went to Target after I picked up my son to school and I just want to see what they still have from the Easter leftover because for sure it would be 75% off by now but they didn’t have that much left, I’ve been eyeing for some of the stuffs that can be used even if it wasn’t Easter but all was left was some Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolates
and some are just not that good, well I love peanut butter so I decided to get some for my moments that I crave for chocolates which is almost everyday, I have a very sweet tooth. I also bought a Sonia Kashuk blending sponge which I heard some good reviews about it and lately I’m loving the color purple and in the dollar aisle that they have I just bought more headbands which is my new addiction to collect, I saw some stores used a vase so I saw these bucket that can be a headband holder and I love to collect bracelets and I need shower caps when I want to do hair treatments, then we just went on a drive-thru at because my son Niko was craving for tacos and burritos.
Later we are going to the doctor for Ethan’s check up so that’s it for today.


Sofee said...

i so want the sonia kashuk blending sponge :D

Krystal said...

omg, i sooOO want that sonia kashuk sponge too, alotta makeup gurus on youtube are using it nowadayss.. hmpfff gotta get me one asap! lol

Saimese said...

hey babe,
thanks for voting for me
love the little hand grabbing some candy, lol
& i want a sonia kashuk sponge too!

Sofee said...

girl I havent used mine yet..Im kinda afraid the foundation I use {revlon cs} will stain u know if it stains?? I'm also waiting for the weekend to use it :D