Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bumpy road!

I start cooking and for today’s menu Fish Sarciado: hahaha not really my husband was still the one who made the sauce and all I did was put salt, pepper and flour on the filet then fry it but it’s a good start for me and next week I maybe starting blogging about some recipes. Lol!

I picked up my son to school then we went to the library to return the DVDs and books that we borrowed good thing that they had a drive thru box because it is so hot outside.

We also have a problem with our car, well considering we had it for 4 years now is still good but we just had the tires changed last week and that’s not the only problem now I don’t feel like going anywhere because its very bumpy because of the problem with the Strut Mount and it would costs $1,100 to get it fixed argh! I maybe start going to work again next week but I can take Elijah with me but we may have to put Ethan to daycare, I don't know will see.

My husband went home early so he can help me take the kids to the doctor for Nikolas and Elijah as they both catching a cough so I have to both nebulize them.

and then we went to Wal-Mart to return the DVDs we rent from the redbox and also did some grocery shopping for Nikolas’s Birthday Party on Saturday that unfortunately we won’t be doing it on the beach anymore because a lot of people won’t make it so we would just do it on the swimming pool in our clubhouse.

Note to self: “Don’t let stress eat you, Relax and Have Fun!”

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EyezAddiction said...

OOh! That looks good! You made me hungry :)