Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another TWO from Jellybean Sale ♥

Hurry it is only until July 17th and I have so much that I want but already SOLD OUT so hurry now to your nearest store.
The Buckle with Wooden Wedge is still available in my size, I hope but should I hurry and get them? What do you think?

I bought two more pairs of shoes from them and some clothes, that I will try my best to take pictures wearing it and post it on my FASHION BLOG and LOOKBOOK.

SALE : PHP 649.50

I had been busy with Nursing duties and studies. :-( Now I am very confused because I was called for a taping(reshoot) for my role in Maria La Del Barrio, but I have a major class and cannot be absent. Hay! Do I just let go an opportunity and go on with my priorities in life?.
On 2013, as soon as we graduate, we will go back to the States and fulfilled our life as a nurse, good for the future for our family because the opportunity waiting for us there.

Do I follow my dream that is a temporary opportunity or the preparation for the permanent opportunity?
Being part of the teleserye or studies for the career of being a nurse?
I know I cannot do both because if I choose to continue the role that I may neglect my studies, which I do not want to happen because we came back to the Philippines to study and that is the priority but my mind is very scattered.


BeautyBehaved said...

Those lace up wedges are so adorable!
Love them, how much were they?

<3 BB

Rochelle said...


Thanks. they were on sale and now