Monday, July 25, 2011

Lazy Monday Retail Therapy ♥

It was a Lazy Monday and we had to go on a duty in Nursery Department, I feel really irritated and moody today so I needed to do what makes me feel better, I went to the mall and do some retail shopping.

I bought this cute floral shoes from Jellybean.
It was on sale for 10% off.
Cute Floral Dresses and Rompers for 50 % off.
Rainbow Earrings
Avon Haul
Advance Techniques Frizz Control
Advance Techniques Damage Repair Conditioner
Free with purchased: Advance Techniques Daily Shine Shampoo
Leave-on Scalp Treatment
Reconstructive Treatment Mask

Paddle Brush
Extra Lasting Mascara
One Great Mascara
Sapphire Earrings
Magazines ♥
For my son from Nike Robinson's Manila ♥


Akiko said...

How much are the shoes?

I got the same paddle brush :)

Jenn said...

the shoes are very lovely! <3 jellybean! :)))

Rochelle said...

Hi Akiko, it was 10% off when I bought it for Php1,259.00 ♥

Rochelle said...

Hi Jenn,

Thanks! ♥ Yes I LOVE JELLYBEAN very much. ♥