Saturday, February 18, 2012

Food Trip: Atin to Pancit Malabon ♥

For every rotation of our nursing duty, we usually look around for delicious, clean and yet affordable place to dine. This week we were assigned in Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital and usually we go to SM San Lazaro to eat on our break but since it has been raining and we were afraid that when we come back that we will not get a slot in the parking lot so just walking distance of three blocks from the hospital and it was the first time I heard about Atin To and at first I was hesitated to eat because I thought it was going to be dirty but as I observed and when I went to the bathroom and where you can also see the kitchen, You can see how a man and a woman cook the food and how clean they are in the kitchen so I said wow it looks okay.
Atin to is located at 1680 PIY MARGAL ST. (COR. M. Dela Fuente ST., )Sampaloc, Manila 
They deliver you can just call them at 467-2567

The specialty is Pancit Malabon and you can order them in Bilao (winnowing basket.) with different sizes that you served in party, give as gifts, pasalubong or for merienda or just because you love eating pancit malabon. 
I ordered Pancit Malabon with Puto ♥ 
Sooo... ♥ YUMMY! ♥ I give it 5/5 
I also tried the Tapsilog. ♥ and I also do recommend everyone to try Tokwa't Baboy is really good (Group's favorite.) ♥ 
♥ THE MENU. ♥ 
This has been our favorite place to dine on our duty break. I highly recommend that if you are looking for a place to eat, this is a must try although the place is really small so you can do take out or have your order delivered but I what I like best about Atin To is that they cooked as you order, which is makes it even better so if you have only a hour break or just do not want to wait, call them your order because waiting for the food to be served needs some patience but I do not mind because I love my food fresh and hot from the stove.

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