Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Happy Valentine's Day 2012 ♥

Happy Valentine's day! Wish u all happiness with ur love 

ones. Tell them u love them everyday, not just Feb 14th ♥ 

Just when I thought that today is going to be just another ordinary day because we do not really celebrate Valentine's Day but it turned out to be a very Special Day and the first time I received roses from my Papa Euryd and my favorite chocolate "Ferrero Rocher" ♥  ♥ I am very thankful that he is my husband that made me feel special not just today but in everyday of my life. LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ 
This brought me tears of joy because I was feeling really lazy to get up of the bed and it was already 12PM but because its dark in the room even if it's already morning and when I turned on the light and found Roses and Toblerone on the table, I was so surprised and I cried of happiness. My Brother-in-law and Mama Melinda gave it to me. Sweet ♥  
The Yummy Pastillas I gave to my group mates in duty. ♥ I just want to share the love and how it feels to be special ♥ 
I LOVE IT! ♥ I think is a waste of money but I now understand that the feeling of making someone special because of it is priceless. ♥ 

With my group mates and their Pastillas Roses. ♥ Hope you all like it and somehow I made you feel special too ♥ 
I love the Hello Kitty Balloon, truly LOVE IS IN THE AIR today! ♥ There are so many people selling and buying flowers, chocolates, stuff toys and things that made their special someone feel it but let us all remember that making us feel special is not about material things or gifts but how someone treats us and showing how much they love us everyday. 
We had a Valentine's Dinner at Cajun ♥ 
With my One and Only Valentine ♥ 
Happy Family Dinner ♥ 
with GOOD FOOD ♥ 

I am so FULL! ♥ Thank you God for all the wonderful blessings ♥ 
I feel so much loved today. ♥ 

Cheers everyone!
Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day ♥ 


Kath said...

Happy Hearts day!~ Love your outfit and the shoes :)

Carla Florendo said...

seems that u had such a wonderful valentines! love the shoes.

happy valentines

Rochelle said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kath ♥ Thank you. ♥

Rochelle said...

Hi Carla Florendo,

Yes I did have a wonderful Valentine's Day. How was yours?

Thanks for loving my shoes.


joyce aparis said...

Happy valentines day dear:) Sweet outfit! love it.. follow me back if you get a chance:)

Rochelle said...

Hi Joyce Aparis,

Belated Heart's Day ♥ Thank you so much! :-) ♥