Saturday, January 1, 2011

♥ Happy New Year 2011 ♥

We went to Fontana in Pampanga to celebrate New Year's and it was so much fun.
I am so blessed to have such good people in my life.
Good friends and family are a true blessing.
Wishing everyone more blessings to come.

Elijah and I had so much fun riding this.
We went to SM Clark and bought groceries for our media noche- a feast that is also supposed to symbolize their hopes for a prosperous New Year. In spite of the yearly ban on firecrackers, many Filipinos in the Philippines still see these as the traditional means to greet the New Year. The loud noises and sounds of merrymaking are not only meant to celebrate the coming of the New Year but are also cast out malevolent spirits. Safer methods of merrymaking include banging on pots and pans and blowing on car horns. Folk beliefs also include encouraging children to jump at the stroke of midnight so that they would grow up tall, displaying circular fruit and wearing clothes with dots and other circular designs to symbolize money, eating twelve grapes at 12 midnight for good luck in the twelve months of the year, and opening windows and doors during the first day of the New Year to let in the good luck.
I bought a top from Maldita, I just like the logo "MALDITA".
Fuchsia Ballet Flat Shoes that is on SALE from Cinderella.
Michie, Kuya Putoy and their cute daughters gave us a cute and inspirational gift.

I love the message:
Never both be angry at the same time.
Never yell at each other unless
the house is on fire.
If one of you has to win an argument,
let it be your mate.
If you have to criticize, do it lovingly.
Never bring up mistakes in the past.
Neglect the whole world rather
that each other.
Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled.
At least once everyday try to say
one kind or complimentary word.
When you have done something wrong,
be ready to admit it.
It takes two to make a quarrel
and the one in the wrong
is the one who does the
most talking.

New toys for them.
Had so much fun swimming and playing games
Puzzle game- The first one to build the puzzle wins.
Bring Me.
Polvoron game- The first one to finished eating polvoron
and after finishing eating the polvoron you have to say "Happy New Year"
Playing BINGO
Pinoy Henyo
Jump for Joy
and every year we would have a color dress code.
(Mommy Maura, Euryd, Ethan, Nikolas, Rochelle and Elijah. )
(Mommy Maura, Czarina, Czardy, Michelle and Czyrene +1)
(Ashby, Aaron, Queenie, Mommy Maura, Danielle, and Melinda)
(Mommy Maura, Revvy, Clarence, Gari, Bernice +1)
(Ghie, Trisha, Charisse, Xedric, Mommy Maura, Pauline, Alou, and Marc.)
The most important gifts you can give are your love, time, and attention. Slow down, take time to smile & enjoy loved goes by way too fast.
2010, I was hurt by people but also loved by so many - both have made me stronger and ready for 2011, so thank you x

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