Monday, May 9, 2011

G-Force Project 2011 ♥

We went to the G-Force Project Dance Workshop Recital at Edsa Shangri-La Manila.


LEGGINGS: Never Been Kissed- Robinson's Department Store
SHOES: FROM:Guess- borrowed from Michie's Shoe Closet. Thanks!
CZARINA- I love her outfit from Candie's

and the PINK Ballet Flats from MNG.
My Son Niko.
with the Father and Son.
We watched Pauline's recital Jazz Funk by Sherwin.

Jobel Dayrit. You are so cute! I am a BIG FAN of yours. ♥

G-Force is well known from ASAP XV and they had a really fun dancing workshop.

KIDS CLASS by BHE-For children ages 5-11 years oldSupahDance SupahFun class!!!

HIP HOP by DAYRIT-For students who want to experience G-force’s Harajuku Girl!!!- I WANT ♥

JAZZ FUNK by -, Turns, Flexibility… Skills.Learn it the G-force way!!!

HIP HOP by GELAIThe most awaited and the most requested class

G- FORCE BURLESQUE by DEVON-Open to all girls (and girls at heart).You will dance on “heels” if you are “fierce”!!!- Nina and K-La Rivera was a part of this class. ♥

BIGGEST LOSERS by RAY-AN-Open to all students who want to sweat and lose extra pounds.Be inspired by our own G-force Ray-an!!!

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