Saturday, September 17, 2011

Czyrene's 2nd Birthday Party ♥

We attended Czyrene's 2nd Birthday Party today at Jollibee Pasig Rotonda.
This cupcake tower was made by her Mama, It was so yummy and kawaii. ♥ 
She is so creative and I really think she can open her own bakeshop now.
Jollibee Cake

The Gifts and Giveaways

The kids at home, my kids are all wearing Angry Birds Shirts.

Beautiful Family ♥

with the Kawaii Birthday Girl "Czyrene"

This is so embarassing, they had this game that you will text to the Czyrene's Mama "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CZYRENE" and I was the first one to do it but I thought that's all you need to do to win the Angry Birds Pillow but they actually asked me to dance.
The Angry Pillow that I won, it was worth it because Ethan loves it.

Ethan with the playful Jollibee Mascot at the playplace.

For inviting us, we had so much fun. ♥ 


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