Sunday, September 4, 2011

REVIEW ON AVON VitAdvance Trim n’ Fit

AVON VitAdvance Trim n’ Fit with Chitosan, White Kidney Bean Extract, Liposan, Garlic Extracts and Soybean Lecithin

•Chitosan helps prevent fat and oil from being absorbed by the body and just lets it pass through the body thru waste excretion

•Chitosan is known to absorb fat and oil up to six to ten times its weight then converts them into a form that cannot be absorbed by the body and excreted through bowel movement

•Chitosan also helps in clearing the digestive tract, control and lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, and alleviate indigestion and constipation.
Recommended Use:

•Take one capsule before meals rich in fat and/or oil.
•For 18 yrs old and above.
Trim n’ Fit also contains other weight-loss promoting ingredients:
•White Kidney Bean Extracts help slow down breakdown of starches and carbohydrates and blocks them from being absorbed by the body
•Garlic Extracts help lower blood pressure, insulin and triglyceride levels and prevents weight gain
•Soybean Lecithin is known as an excellent protection against cholesterol deposits and mental fatigue

Real People, Real Results…

This is not an advertisement for AVON but a way to say Thank you for creating an amazing product that works! I had some struggle with losing weight with so many delicious food today, stress and so I gained from 120 lbs. to 134 lbs so my goal now is to lose 14 lbs. and I tried using VitAdvance Trim n' Fit from Avon and I take it every night and will wake up in the morning with a good regular bowel movements, you can really see the oil and fats that will come out, unlike other slimming pills and tea you will have diarrhea but with this I did not have any problems and I am proud to say in just three weeks I have not even exercise yet but from 134 lbs. to 125 lbs., 5 more lbs. to go and I know I will be losing it with the help of this and I will start to eat healthy, exercise regularly to keep it off.

It works for me and I will not guaranteed that it will work for you too but it would be worth it to give it a try if you will have the same results as what I had, so I want to know your result, also share your success weight loss. Share your own reviews.


Tutti said...

i've been watching maria de bario and i havent seen u yet. im excited to see you. my name is brigitte by the way

Tutti said...

good luck on your diet

Lina Kim ♥ said...

wow. quite a nice restult. keep on going =D

Anonymous said...

i just bought Trim & Fit capsules but my question is can you still take Trim & Fit capsules even if the food that you're going to eat is not fatty or oily. are you going to drink 3x a day before meal and how many minutes are you going to eat after drinking it. thanks.