Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trip to Hongkong Wishlist came true. ♥

Hello September my birthday month. ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐,be a good month please (´ʃƪ`)” I am back with a Good Vibes.
  My birthday is on September 15th and remember that my number one wishlist was a Trip to Hongkong, well wish granted, I was given a fully expense paid trip on October 1st to October 3rd. Our plane ticket is already paid via Philippine Airlines and made paid reservation to a hotel via
and she also sent money to spend on our vacation. 
I am so happy!
Thank you so much to my Mommy for giving me the most wonderful birthday gift this year.
I am excited to go to Hongkong to go shopping and go to Disneyland with my kids, sadly I will not take my youngest son Elijah to this trip because my husband is not coming with us, it is only going to be Nikolas, Ethan (my oldest, middle child) and my cousins. Hopefully we will be back next year with Elijah and Euryd. 
I will be taking lots of photos and when I came back from my trip definitely will be showing my shopping finds and lots more to also help you if you are planning to go to hongkong, but what is the weather in hongkong on October? so I know what clothes to be packing, please let me know. 
This was taken 12 years ago, my Mommy also gave me a trip to Hongkong for my highschool graduation, She is the best Mommy ever.


CHARRY said...

Wow advance happy birthday Rochelle. Hubby & I are going to hong kong too next week. Its just the two of us, no kids so disneyland is not included in our itenerary. Were planning to visit macau while we're there.

Cant wait for your Disneyland pictures. Have fun! Again advance happy birthday! :)

Right now the weather there is hot pa. :)

Rochelle said...

Thank you. ♥
Wow mas mauna pala kayo sa amin, I am excited to see your pictures too and yeah sana punta din kami Macau pero saka na lang pag hindi kasama mga kids kase hindi din nila maenjoy dun dahil mostly gambling sa Macau, and sobra sandali lang kami 3 days is not enough di ba. LOL*

Have Fun din and sayang mainit pa pala, masarap pa naman kung malamig. ♥