Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It’s Pouring and Raining. Wow! I saw some rainbow . LOL
We are not Irish and just for fun we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, hoping for more luck and find a pot of gold and I think it is just a fun way spending time with my children, I planned on taking them to the park and let them play in the playground and have a picnic We all wore green, I even bought some cupcakes to match today’s theme and some green apples, green mangoes, green tea and since I cannot be an alcoholic mom, I don’t think there is wrong being chocoholic so I bought some Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolates,

It’s NON-ALCOHOLIC Chocolates “All the flavor of Bailey’s without the alcohol” but I do want some Bailey’s Drink with alcohol *Miss those dayshmm… but also I just had my favorite Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut but then it rained a little bit so we just stayed home and we just went on a drive thru at Mcdonald’s, I ordered some Mighty Kids Meal for my kids, chicken nuggets is my kids favorite and I ordered LARGE Shamrock Shake for me.

We just watched

It was really fun spending time with my kids.

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