Monday, March 2, 2009

Lazy to Dress up ♥

I was going to International Plaza again today because I was going to pick up the MAC Hello Kitty Collections that I ordered via phone just so they can hold it for me since a lot of people like me has gone crazy for that limited edition collection so almost everything is sold out already but luckily I had ordered the complete set, but it is so cold and I’m really feeling lazy driving at the interstate and I always get lost at the newly constructed highway, it was always hard for me to exit at the right one, but its funny because that’s nearby my former office and been driving there for two years, I don’t miss working but I do miss my co-workers it was so much back then our Orlando weekends, Clubbing nights and going to the mall at lunch time, we have a lunch break for an hour but we usually go for 2 hours and still get paid for that extra hour because we do our own time clock, so I’m like late everyday but they never knew, well blaming the traffic. Lol and being friends with your boss is fun!

But I had to quit my job to be a full time Mommy of my 3 wonderful kids

and I love it, spending time with them is priceless, as my every weekdays schedule pick up Niko to school and we decided to go on a drive thru at Checkers today because he loves eating the fully loaded.

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