Friday, April 1, 2011

♥ Maria La Del Barrio Taping ♥

Upcoming teleserye of ABS-CBN, a Philippine remake of the Mexican drama María la del Barrio (later remade in Mexico), Erich Gonzales and Enchong Dee. Part of ABS-CBN's boosted afternoon block, Kapamilya Gold.♥ We had a taping today for Maria la del Barrio, a dream fulfilled and Thank God for this wonderful opportunity.

I was waiting for this teleserye to air on television but when I received an offer to be a part of it, I had so much happiness in me that finally I will be a part of a teleserye that I predict will be one of my favorite. I remember there first teleserye together which is "Katorse" that I even cried when it ends and was very excited when I saw the trailer of Maria La Del Barrio.

I never thought that I will be given a chance to be a part of it and be given a role as Tin, one of the friends of Paw Diaz as Soraya Montenegro, the kontrabida ♥
The Tres Marias as what they call us, we are the mean friends.

with Auriette and Joyce as Kat and Amber.

with Enchong Dee as Luis Fernando Dela Vega ♥ One more with with Enchong Dee as Luis Fernando Dela Vega ♥ and another with Enchong Dee as Luis Fernando Dela Vega ♥ Tricia Santos as Vanessa dela Vega ♥ Ian Veneracion as Don Fernando De La Vega
with Angel Aquino as Victoria Montenegro-Dela Vega
and my Best Friend Pretty Aira
My Beautiful Friends
My Pink Car. ♥

A Girl Can Dream, because just like being a part of Maria La Del Barrio, it can come true.
With Auriette inside our tent.
and she has really cute PINK STUFFS
I love the Hello Kitty Luggage and the Barbie Like Pink Shoes.


Tutti Patuti said...

hahaa omg.. i've been wanting to watch this show b/c i like papa enchong dee.. hahahaa

Erica said...

OMG! I am so happy for you girly, You are gorgeous that is why they picked you for the part lol....Well I can't see it because I am here in the US but congrats!!

CHARRY said...

wow congratulations on your acting career! I'm happy for you1 ;)