Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trip to Hongkong Day TWO ♥ Disneyland PART 1 ♥ Daytime ♥

We had breakfast at Mcdonald's

He was pointing that he wants the Platinum Cheesecake again. ♥

They all look so Yummy!

Yummy Breakfast! ♥

Our tickets to Disneyland

Ready to experience Hongkong Happiest Place on Earth ♥

WELCOME TO Hongkong Disneyland Resort ♥

I was smiling but deep inside I feel sad that its raining and it actually rained all day non stop!
Rain just ruined our day to Disneyland, but the good thing about Disneyland it makes you feel young at heart so we still had so much fun.

Rain Rain Go away, We want to play!

They sell Cute Hats ♥

Cute Mini Cake Designs

We ordered Mysterious Night (Tiramisu)

It was Yummy!

My kids love it!

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