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USA Hostel in located at  Flat F1, Floor 13, Mirador Mansion, 62 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.
 HOTEL DESCRIPTION: Situated in the center of Hong Kong, this hotel is an excellent hub to the main business, shopping and entertainment area of Kowloon. USA Hostel has the perfect combination of attentive care and modern convenience. Located in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui and atop of Seibu Department Store, guests are just few steps away from major shopping malls and the magnificent Victoria Harbor. The Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station is within walking range of the Hotel allowing easy access to more attractions such as the Disney World Hong Kong. Room accommodations are well adjusted to satisfy all any group of travelers. Each room is designed with casual comfy looks and warm light setting. USA Hostel provides a central location on a budget.

This is where we stayed in Hongkong for 3 days and 2 nights. ♥ 

REASON FOR STAYING:   The only reason is my aunt chose to stay here in USA Hostel so without reading reviews and doing research I just decided to also booked into this hotel, so we will just stay in the same hotel since we are just meeting them there because our flight is different, but then after I booked here and paid with my Mommy's credit card and find out that this hostel has bad reviews and the building looks really old and cheap, well it is cheap compared to other hotel in Hong Kong and I thought it will be fine since we are going to be outside while in Hongkong anyway and we only need the room to sleep in it and take a shower but rest will just do it when we get back to Manila because with the short duration of our trip, I want to make the most out of it, exploring Hong Kong and even that it was under my Mommy's expense I want to get the cheapest accommodation so she will not spend too much for this vacation birthday gift for me.
The room was small but it is clean, too bad I cannot smell anything because of my nasal polyp so I cannot comment about the smell if its bad. I like that it has free wifi so I can update my family back in Manila via facebook.


This is the entrance to the reception area of USA Hostel ♥ 13TH FLOOR. ♥
This is the Cargo Lift, I suggest you go to this elevator because it is not too crowded but there is a passenger lift in the front on your right side after you go in the entrance. Left one is for even number floors and Right one is for odd number floors. 
(Yes! You will see lots of clothes, bedsheets, towels...etc hanging everywhere, and if you look  closely you will see the garbage by the elevator door, yes also garbage mostly everywhere.) 

EXPECT: Which will take you about 5-20 minutes just to get to the elevator and make it to the floor you need to go.

There is a door entrance going to the rooms before you get inside your room door, you need a key just to get inside and another key for your room. There are about ten rooms on this floor, They also provide free distilled water (This is the 8th floor where the staff took us.)
nonetheless, I felt safe and secure.

The air-conditioned in our room was okay, it still gets cold eventhough its old already.

The room door and bathroom door.
 the bathroom door has no locked and its hard to open.

The Television, I do not mind at all since we cannot watch anything because shows are in chinese.  

The bed was not that comfortable maybe because I like my bed soft and this is a hard bed. The bedsheets, pillowcase, blankets are clean. The towels are clean too but they have holes, anyway I brought my own towel as I was expecting it to be dirty but they are not dirty and no stains on our towel.

The shower and water has a really good flow. They do have hot water from 07:00-13:00 then they will turn it off and turn it on again at 19:00-01:00. .

The bathrooms are clean for me, but yes! its small.

The view from the room. The location is what I love most about Mirador Mansion.
(taken at 11PM. I miss the busy streets of Hongkong already) sigh* 
                  *SCARY LOOKING PEOPLE (but they are harmless so just like the saying           
                                               "DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER"

I would recommend USA Hostel if you in a tight budget and wants great location and want to spend the money on shopping or other things more than hotel accomodation.
I GIVE 3 OUT OF 5 HUGGING STARSjust because the location is great and the price for only PHP3,000 (USD65 HKG500) per night, you really just get what you paid for. ♥ 
I suggest you book thru For 2 nights with 1 adult and 2 child we only spent 7K in pesos.


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Kath said...

sis, is the 3,000 php for 3 days and 2 nights?when we were at hong kong 2 years ago yung hotel namain is at largos sa jordan rd/nathan rd nanking st. near lang din yata sa place na yan. super mura nyan if 3k lang. thanks

Jackson said...

The posted pictures of hong kong hotel.this makes me interest on hotels.Hong kong is a nice place to stay.Here i got it.Thank you for posting.