Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip to Hongkong ♥ Hongkong Haul ♥

Mostly are pasalubongs and clothes, shirts are not yet included in this post.
Power Rangers Band aid for my sons and Hello Kitty band aid for me.
Hello Kitty Nail Cutter, Hello Kitty Apple Gommage Face Wash, Hello Kitty Collagen Wash, Hello Kitty Body Wash ♥


Pasalubong from Hongkong Disneyland ♥

From Hongkong Disneyland ♥

Body Sprays and Flower Hair Clip from H&M

Hello Kitty and Mickey and Minnie Mouse Clothespin ♥

Hello Kitty Eyelash Curler ♥

Elijah's Pasalubong. ♥

Pasalubong for my Mother in Law. ♥

Hello Kitty Shaving Kit and Shiseido Tsubaki Conditioner (THE BEST CONDITIONER, I wish I had bought more since it was on SALE and it really made my hair soft and shiny. )


I did not do so much shopping in Hongkong because travelling with kids is more of you want them more to have fun and go to places where they could enjoy the trip so I really wish I could come back just to go shopping. ♥
Hongkong is shopping heaven ♥

NEXT POST: Trip to Hongkong ♥ Memoirs Fashion ♥

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