Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trip to Hongkong ♥ Hongkong International Airport ♥

Hongkong International Airport is like a Shopping Mall complete with Shopping, Dining and  Entertainment. Love it!
(Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, it was taken from my IPHONE. ♥ )

KI*LA*RA is the store that offers the most complete experience for Hello Kitty fans. Decorated with Kitty merchandises and set to a refreshing backdrop, this is the must-stop shop for a wide selection of Kitty gift items, clothing, accessories and handbags.

Cute Hello Kitty Cap. It was 30% off but when I said I will come back after dinner, I was unable to come back because I was just too tired and regret for not buying it and some hello kitty stuffs that I want. ♥ THEY WERE ON SALE! $$$ I want to go back even just at the airport to go shopping.

The Magic of Hong Kong Disneyland
Exclusive Hong Kong Disneyland items of popular cartoon characters for everyone young at heart

Because I bought more pasalubong. ♥

Local famous casual wear brand with first airport shop housed here, offering a range of products at very reasonable prices.

Peking Duck

Our Dinner


Trains going to the gate. ♥
Good bye Hongkong. We will definitely be back soon!
 TIP: Buy what you want when you go to another country and do not convert because it would be hard to buy anything and thinking that it is too expensive, you may regret for not buying what you want and may not be able to come back to that place anymore.
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