Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Gifts 2012 ♥

 I just want to share and thank each and everyone of you for the generous things you gave me ♥ 
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday gifts, I really love them all. ♥
 To my friend Stephanie ♥ To thoughtful of you ♥ from thankful me. I really love my birthday gift for putting some time and effort on writing a letter and making a diy Hello Kitty bag for me. Yay! 
 To Tita Ahzil ♥ It was really very sweet of you to give me a Hello Kitty Mouse Pad. Thank you so much!
 To Michie and Family ♥ Thanks a lot for the gorgeous tops, it fits me perfectly. I simply love the design. It is extremely beautiful and is indeed my style. Thank you so much! 
Thank you Ms. Tati for the cute tribal envelope bags and jacket and floral jacket. I really love tribal and floral prints ♥ 

Thank you Ms. Donna I love how bustiers make me feel sexy and thankful with so much cute prints you sent me.  ♥ 


Mimi said...

All the things are so cute! Happy Belated Bday!

Rochelle Kawasaki said...

Thank you Mimi ♥