Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Trip to Shanghai, China 2012 Day 2 ♥

From the Hotel where we stayed for 4 nights and 5 days ♥ 
Sheraton Shanghai Hongkou Hotel ♥ 
From Hailun Road Station to Tiantong Road Station ♥

Buy clothes, shoes, bags, jackets, hats, and all sorts of accessories at Qipu Road (七铺路), which sounds like “cheap” said with a Chinese accent, Shanghai’s famous and infamous wholesale shopping area. More popular with local retailers who sometimes get their stock here at wholesale prices, these shops also offer single item sales. Don’t let the chaos stop you, there are good quality clothing there for a fraction of the price in retail shops. Warning: Bargaining powers needed.
Although the whole Qipu Road stretch is full of malls packed with hundreds of small shops, you will easily spend half a day in one mall alone (if you’re a shopper). A good mall to start with is the Qipu XingWang Clothing Market (七铺兴旺服饰市场), which joins with the adjacent Shanghai XingWang International Finery City 
Quipu.Litful Clothing Plaza ♥
Shoes ♥
Shoes ♥ 
Cute Socks ♥ 
Hello Kitty Shoes ♥ 
Nails ♥ 
Hair Extensions/Tattoos ♥
Colorful Umbrella ♥ 
Tiantong Road ♥ 
Newspapers/Magazines Stand ♥ 

Underground Shoes Market ♥ 
Hello Kitty Shoes ♥ 
Kawaii ♥ 
Metro Station East Nanjing Road ♥ 
I LOVE ♥ Hello Kitty ♥

Vivitix Hello Kitty ♥ 
Raffles City ♥ 
East Nanjing Road/People's Square ♥ 

Sephora ♥ 

Madame Tussauds Shanghai ♥ 

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