Sunday, September 16, 2012

Czyrene's 3rd Birthday Party ♥

It was truly a fun-filled Sunday attending Czyrene Mischka's Birthday Party at Palmdale Heights. 
It was a Barbie Themed Party with my favorite colors pink and purple, with tiara and sweetness of candy, just like the birthday girl Czyrene I love that she is so smart, sweet and funny. ♥ 
♥Happy Birthday Czyrene Mischka ♥
Stay sweet and lovable ♥ 
Barbie Cake  ♥ 
Giveaways ♥ 
The Kawaii Birthday Girl ♥ 
♥ ♥ Picture taking with the Clowns ♥ ♥
soo cute ♥ kawaii ne ♥
Czyrene dancing with the clowns ♥ 
My kids enjoying the party ♥ 
Ethan Ryu's pose ♥ 
Elijah Joaquinn ♥ My Handsome son ♥ 
Elijah participating in a magic show, just bring so much joy to me as a Mother ♥ 

Nikolas playing the longest greeting ♥ I love that when they asked him what he wants to be when he grew up, he replied "I want to be an architect" aww... We will support you son to your dreams ♥ 
I love that Elijah's first time to play the Longest Greeting 
and Ethan too. ♥ 
Time flies so fast... I wish that I will have my own princess soon and that I wish it will be like Czyrene ♥ 

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