Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trip to Shanghai, China Haul ♥

Shanghai is hailed as the "Shopping Paradise" and "Oriental Paris". So if you come to the city, shopping should not be missed any more than its other charming attractions. Providing the very best of shopping has become an indispensable part of Shanghai's tourism industry.
Headband and Earrings from A.P. Plaza ♥ 
Hair Accessories and Socks from A.P. Plaza ♥ 
Tsubaki Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment from Watsons ♥ 
Hello Kitty Body Lotion, Candies, Hand Cream, Biscuits, Body Wash, Tissue Holder with cookies and Pantiliners also from Watsons ♥ 
Socks from Tiantong Road ♥ 
Souvenir Shirts from A.P. Plaza and Yuyuan Garden ♥ 
Panda Stuff toys and Bag from Yuyuan Garden ♥ 
Souvenirs from Yuyuan Garden ♥ 
Hello Kitty Cookies and Hello Kitty Breath Sprays from Watsons ♥ 

Slim Pantyhose from Watsons ♥
Socks from A.P. Plaza ♥ 
Yummy Drinks ♥
Yummy Red Date Yoghurt ♥ 
Kawaii Kittyland Cookies ♥ 
Oreo Cookies with different flavors from Carrefour Supermarket ♥ 

I will try to post Clothing, Bags, Sunglasses and Shoes Haul Soon! ♥
I bought so much because of so many Kawaii Cheap finds in China that I had to purchased a pink luggage because of our excess baggage and If given a chance to come back, I would definitely want to do it soon. ♥ 
I ♥ Shanghai ♥
I ♥ LOVE Shopping, Travelling and Exploring different Countries.
I have a long list that I still want to visit but Bangkok, Thailand you are the next on the lists.
♥ Someone take me. ♥

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