Sunday, March 6, 2011

♥ Ethan Ryu's 4th Birthday Party ♥

We celebrated my son Ethan Ryu's 4th Birthday Party today at Mcdonald's Mendiola at 3PM.

Personalized Cake from Red Ribbon
Yummy Choco Flavored.

Blowing his Cake

The Party theme: BEN 10- Ethan's favorite character
Prizes and Giveaways

My Life
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Ethan, Niko and Elijah.
Happy 4th Birthday Ethan
The kids with Ronald Mcdonald and Grimace doing the Mcdonald's "M"
I'm loving it!
Elijah and all other kids eating Spaghetti, Chicken nuggets, Choco Fudge Sundae and Coke Float for the drink.
for adults we ordered Big Mac Meal or McChicken Meal.
The Birthday boy eating
with one of my best friend Cherry May (I MISS YOU ^-^)
and her pretty daughter.
with my TGIF friends Diane and Karen.
with my dream daughter Czyrene.
Silly Ethan ( Look at our reaction to him) LOL*
Silly kids, played with the cake icing.

Thank you all for coming! I had a lot of fun spending my birthday with you! Love, Ethan

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