Sunday, March 13, 2011

♥ Shoe Closet ♥

(In five years I will have the same, I wish)

It has been a busy day for me cleaning the never ending mess, It was like a pile of garbage that has not been picked up for years but somethings that I could not throw away because it maybe still useful but then it was hard to store them away. (headache)

Also I had to giveaway 5 pairs of my shoes because it has been damaged due to wrong storage that I did.

LESSON LEARNED: "Let your shoes breathe! They can suffocate too and die. "

Check out my post
I had to giveaway my BEBE, GUESS, COLIN STUART, PINK SHOES from Dillards.

Someone help! What is the best way to store your shoes and how to care for them?

I miss driving, I really need to get a Philippine Driver's License but good thing Euryd will allow me to drive nearby.

We went grocery shopping.

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