Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Transfer It ♥

I had a shirt personalized at Transfer it

My Husband's name on it.

BACK: with all my kid's name
I am planning to have more shirts created at transfer it!
for only P10 each letter, P50 for the I ♥
and P140 for the shirt or you can bring your own shirt paying P50
and if you bring your own design its only P150.

Cute LIGHT UP! Hello Kitty Pen ♥
Hello Kitty bag for gym

Pasalubong for my kids From Goldilocks

TOY STORY 3, We still need to watch this movie.

Yummy chocolate polvoron

Yummy colorful puto/steamed cakes

Smiley Choco pop for Niko

BJ from Barney Choco Pop for Ethan
Barney Choco Pop for Elijah

They all LOVE IT!

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