Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fortune Cookie ♥

I picked up Niko to school then we went to Citrus Park Mall to redeemed my coupon for a free panty at Victoria’s Secret  
I was also looking for something to wear on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t have any luck on finding the perfect outfit, I’ll probably just wear what I already have in my closet. I think we are just having dinner and Ate Revvy is coming to visit us here for a week so that would be fun, We ate snacks at Auntie Anne’s (Niko's favorite) 

He ordered Cinnamon Sugar sticks, Almond Pretzel and Piña Colada  
Chinese takeout at Master Wok 
We ordered orange chicken and barbecue chicken with fried rice. Don't forget the fortune cookies.

Me ♥ Driving to the Mall ♥

With Jaja :-) hehehe

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