Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dream Fabulous Closet ♥

Kimora Lee Simmons, head of Baby Phat clothing line, combined two bedrooms in her 49,000-square-foot Saddle River, N.J. home to create her expansive walk-in closet. "I wanted my closet to look like a boutique," she says. The closet, which is decorated with leopard-print carpet, marble columns, a mini-bar, and flat screen tvs, only holds some of her clothes—the overflow is stored in other bedroom closets. Everything in her closet is photographed and stored on her computer so she can easily put together outfits, "I'm very neurotic is what my closet says about me," she says. "It's always in great order."

~ Images from In Style Magazine

Kimora clearly has a weakness for animal print.
Leopard print carpet covers the floor and can be found accenting pieces such as her chaise lounge and ottoman.

The Louis Vuitton hatbox once belonged to Jackie O.

It contains over 500 pairs of jeans, 35 custom-made Hermes Birkin bags (The CHEAPEST Birkin not custom-made costs $7,500. The ultra-rare white crocodile and diamond one costs $150,000. To get the bag you have to get on a waiting list.) and an extensive collection of jewelry.

The Bathroom in the Closet

The Floor Plan of the Closet

- Kimora Lee Simmons, In Style Magazine 2007
Mariah Carey
Paula Abdul
I wish I had a closet like them. My closet now I cannot remodel because we only lived in an apartment but hopefully we will have our own house with a big closet. I'll try to post pictures of my mini walk in closet that I have now in our apartment tomorrow. I still need to clean and organized!

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